Commercial coffee maker
  • Commercial coffee maker
  • Commercial coffee maker

Commercial coffee maker

FOB Reference Price Purchase quantity (Piece(s))

>= 500 Piece(s)

US $48.50

Minimum order quantity500 Piece(s)

Model no.: CM3010
220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1050W
Plastic body with SS decoration
15 Bar Italy ULKA pump
Can make Espresso and Cappuccino
1.5L detachable water tank
With safety valve can release pressure automatically
Die-casting aluminum alloy boiler
Aluminum alloy filter holder attached with dual stainless filter to improve coffee quality
Can use for ground coffee
Can make coffee or steam conveniently
With overheating and overpressure protected device
Detachable frothing nozzle and drip tray for easy cleaning
Durable stainless cup mat for coffee cups preheating
With PCB control and digital button
Four buttons for one cup, two cups, on/off switch, hot water and steam function

Product size: 212*263*284 mm
Gift box: 310*240*315 mm
Export carton box: 495*320*330 mm
2 pcs per export carton box
20GP / 40GP / 40HQ: 1030 / 2160 / 2600 PCS
Weight per carton: 8.2 KGS

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